God’s Handwriting

Recently  at a ladies’ meeting a friend had a brief vision.  She laughed because it was so odd and she had no idea what it meant.  This is what she shared…

“I saw a hand, I think it was God’s.  He had a pen in His hand; He finished writing, and laid  His pen down.”

I immediately had the interpretation and chuckled at God’s ways.  He would use me so quickly and in a tiny way.

God said, “I have finished writing your life story.  I know it from beginning to end. I’ve known it before the foundations of the earth were established, before you were in your mother’s womb.  That which I have started in you,  I will complete.”

That’s it friends!  Take comfort, assurance, encouragement. He knows all about yesterday and tomorrow.  If only I could leave it in His hands and rest in today, and let tomorrow take care of itself!

May you know the Lord’s sweetness toward you today and always!


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Oregon Antiques

Greg and I and the two little dogs are headed to Oregon for the week.

Greg LOVES Oregon!  He spent his first 10 years there as a little boy, and has LOTS of good memories.

I, on the other hand, love to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there!

Oh, wait, we did live there didn’t we? LOL

Yes, it was a trialing 3 years there on the coast, but I do love to go visit our friends still..quite often! 🙂

This week we are going to stay inland a bit and go antiquing.  Greg is being extra kind and has agreed to go to Aurora, Or.  Lots of antiques.  He’s quite happy to visit a few shops, then sit outside on the bench and relax and watch people.

Sophie loves to shop.  (my little Bichon/Shih ztu.)  She loves the people, loves to sniff whatever I find intriguing.  McGee will probably enjoy the bench more with Greg.  He is a guy after all!

Then my girlfriend, Nancy, and I love to go up the coast to Wheeler to our favorite antique shop.  So we will head to Tillamook for part of our week.  I will relax and Greg will help Craig fall trees on their property.

Then Greg plans to go up the coast to his parents and catch the “big one” up on the jetty near his parents’ place in Longbeach, WA.

Looking for a little more sunshine; hope we find it this week!

Go out and make it a good week!

Elise, Sophie, McGee and Greg!

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Angels’ Orchestra

Lately I have been having a series of visions.  This is fairly new to me and my spiritual experiences.  But I am so excited and humbled…

This morning as I was praying and praising my words turned into singing “hallelujah” in a high octave.  And it sounded to me like trumpets blowing. 

Then I saw the angels in the Puget Sound blowing their trumpets.  Long shiny brass trumpets.  (brass always represent judgement in the Bible).  They were extended to the east, south, and a few to the north and west. They were located just this side of the Cascades and above the Columbia River.  Calling, blowing for people to come to Jesus and come, come, come.  They called loud and long in high notes.  Then soon the front guard was filled in with more angels behind them.

They were blowing the low notes, “He is coming, He is coming,” over and over. 

Everyone has notes that they can hear better than other notes.  My husband cannot hear high notes, or sounds.  My dad couldn’t either; it’s from years of working around equipment that has high pitches.

So God being so smart, uses the low notes for those that can’t hear the high notes.

God knows, He hears, He cares.  His angels are joining forces to bring light to the PNW. 

As us Christians join in praying for our area, He is faithful and will bring many to repentance and salvation.

I saw dark ink over the land, and the angels were breaking through the darkness, as I prayed.

I prayed forgiveness over different homes, including my own.

Break through the darkness.

People will worship the Creator of the PNW not the creation.

I am excited, but not without trial…

The angels also sang “He is faithful” over and over and over…

dark ink, spilling over the area,God can penetrate it and shine His light if we pray…

If you are interested in this, I can share more of my visions, just let me know…

Have a sweet day in Jesus,


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Chihuahua Trust

Took little McGee to agility class tonight.  Greg and Natalie came with me so I could show him off.  I was talking to Noelle, the trainer, about how he doesn’t trust me or anyone very easily. 

Yesterday I gave him his flea medicine, then put a sweater on him in the evening because it was cool;  He was mad/afraid of me all evening after that.  He’s a strange little dog sometimes.

I didn’t know Chihuahuas were so distinct in their personalities.  Noelle said that’s part of being a chihuahua; not to trust. 

I got to thinking about me and other people.  Some of us are “Chihuahuas” when it comes to trusting! 

I used to say I could trust a man as far as I could throw him.  I’ve gotten a lot better over the years.  But you know, how there are just some people who have to really prove themselves to you over and over again, before you can trust them…especially if they have hurt you.

Some people just don’t trust anyone.  That’s to their own sadness.  By and large I think we need to be able to trust people.  It makes us a lot more approachable and friendly if people think we trust them.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but there’s a lot of “Chihuahuas” out there.

Are you one?

By the way, McGee was fine this morning; as if nothing ever happened…is there a lesson here for me from my dog?  Oh my gosh!!!



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Valuable Hugs

 I don’t know the stats; I’m not a numbers girl…

but, I know the human being needs contact with other human beings.  I know we all need physical touch every day.  It releases chemicals in our brains that encourage, motivate and bring life into us.

Many of us go for days without meaningful touches from anyone.  We weren’t raised in a “touchy” family or it’s not our “love language.”

Then there’s people like me, that love to touch and be touched.  It brings such comfort and warmth and life to my soul.  When I hug someone, I’m trying to convey to them that I value them.

As a person who has chronic, clinical depression, I tend to push people away when depressed.  It’s a side effect of depression – to push people away and isolate yourself.  Believe me, it only makes the depression worse! 

My husband is very patient.  I’ve tried to explain to him over the years, that when I’m the most unlovable is when I need a hug the most!

Thinking of everyone…I think that’s true for them too.  Often they don’t know it; but they need a hug.  The untouchables, unlovelies – need a hug.

I’m trying every day to be a credit to my kind.  God made me in His image.  So with His help, medication, therapy and loving people in my life, I’m going to try to be more huggable today!

Go out and give someone a hug today – they might even live under your own roof!

Just a little hug – it doesn’t have to be a full – out in-your-face intimate hug…

but at least make it two arms!  One arm hugs don’t count people!



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Restorative Sleep

I’m always glad when the cats come to visit at the computer…I can’t  see a thing because they love to sit in front of the monitor!!!

Anyway onto the topic!!

“I was in the basement.  It was dark.  They locked me in and I couldn’t find my way out!

Despair set in

Apathy – I don’t care

Then – sleep…..

sweet, dreamless sleep; no stressful dreams



mind and body and spirit.”

I don’t get it, but God does.  Why a medication can make such a difference and why I need it – I won’t argue with anyone.

I want complete health.  But maybe I need to redefine that for myself.  And accept myself.  I accepted my weight years ago and became content -accepting my physical limitations as I age is one more step –

step to where?

Some kind of maturity – that I’m not excited about (smile)

I have to decide why I want to go on with my life and the purposes for me on this earth.

See, the things and people I want aren’t there for me, so I must turn and look elsewhere –

It’s a desert out there

It’s a mountain hike

It’s a sea of waves

Then my Saviour reminds me …
“He leads me beside the still waters and makes me to lie down.”

Okay,  Jesus, one more time we’ll go – until next time!

I’ll go

I’ll practice what I preach!  yuck!!! lol

Have a fun day…do something new even if it’s sewing on a button!


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Internet Hug!

Some people serve you by doing things for you.

They think they know what you want or need, so they do it without asking.

That is awesome.

Sometimes what we need from those people is face to face time.

A meaningful conversation, where you feel heard.

A deep sigh, feet stretched out, ankles crossed and a last cup of coffee in their hands; with no where else to but there with you.

Serving can be very inactive.  Like that; actively listening or actively sitting in silence together.  Enjoying each others’ company.  Sensing that the other person highly respects you – and it’s an honor, benefit, a place of rest to sit with you.

Are there examples of this in the Bible?

Job’s friends,(Old Testament), were good friends sitting quietly beside him in his frief and dispair.

Then they decided to put their two cents worth in – and failed as friends from that point on.

Jesus gave us great examples of serving.  Although they were very active moments.  He had little time on earth and knew it.  but somehow each person that He spent time with serving knew He was totally involved with tem at that time.

He took time when the lady with the bleeding touched His robe.

He stopped.

The lady at the well that everyone else was too good for; He took time, He knew everything about her, but listened, he served her in listening.

He love her by listening.

Serving is a plate of food.

Serving is a free haircut.

Serving is a load of firewood.

But serving is also…stopping, sitting, kicking your heels back for 10 – 20minutes and acting like you really care –

Matthew 25:34-40

Serve by loving today

I am challenged by my own words; I’ll try.

Have a better day today because you served someone!

Sincerely, Elise Aug 14,2010

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God in Gardening

I love His frequent mention of nature throughout scriptures.

He made it all and delights in His creation.

He made us, and we need to practice delighting in His creation – whether ourselves or other people.

Easier said than done!

“For this is what the Lord says – He who created the heavens; He  is God

He who fashioned and made earth; he founded it;

He did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited…”

Isaiah 45:18

I am challenged often to keep a God-centered balance between God’s creation and the love of His created creatures.

People are always more important.  He died on the cross for human being not dogs. (oo…I said it! I love my dogs!!)

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Harvesting Hydrangeas

Tis the season to harvest…hydrangeas for me!

Ever tried to dry them?

It’s a turkey shoot – you win some you lose some.

Take a blossom that’s very mature, feel it to see if it’s a little on the dry side. If it is, it’s the perfect candidate! Cut the stem back to about 2/3rds the total length. (Later cut it to the length to fit your vase.) Strip all the leaves except maybe the top two closet to the blossom. You can run your fingers down the stems fairly easily. I take clean quart/wide mouth jars, put an inch of water in, 5-6 stems per jar. Leave them be!

About half or more will happily dry for you as the water evaporates. I love lining them up on my mantle. As a few wilt, I remove them.

My husband, Greg, is the real gardener; vegetables. We have zucchini and peas, peppers and potatoes coming on strong. It has not been a good year for our tomatoes. They are slowly coming on, but none ripe yet. We are very sad. Not much pico- de cao!

Whether its flowers or vegetables; enjoy God’s bounty of what He has provided for us.

Blessings, Elise

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