Daily musings

Surgeon visit

God is always sufficient. Even though we had a hard time finding the building! Lol us Poulsbo-ites lost in the big city.

dr Lee was delightful, for a surgeon. He was very patient, very thorough in explaining the X-rays to us.  Sometime in the near future Greg will need a spinal fusion of his c6. But not tomorrow. We go back in three months.

i took my scketch book with me. I think I’m going to get pretty good at drawing faces. Enjoyed the process. The face was a face out of my imagination. She morphed as I worked. Blended with my fingers, using pencils. First time I used my fingers, they got very black. Forgot to pack my blending stump!

For my devotions this morning I read out of my New Century Bible Rev 10. The side note was from Oswald Chambers. It made me want to get My Utmost For His Highest back out and read!

Greg and I are challenged by our communication skills. We don’t hear as well, we don’t track as well while listening, and we say things wrong!  We didn’t used to have these problems, we had other ones! Lol

the rain has been coming down in buckets today. Dogs do jot want to go out to go potty!   I will post a pic of my girl when I figure out how to do it🤓  In the mean time, keep believing and stand up for what is right and true! And love the people around you like there’s no tomorrow!

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