Israel briefly

I’ve been home two weeks now from my world travels. Very glad to be home. Was ready to be home. Wouldn’t trade any of those experiences for all the tea in China, or Israel for that matter. God showed up in my trip to Israel so much. I hope I can begin to translate some of my moments for public domain soon….I laughed a lot, was around 30 of the sweetest people, I cried a lot. Rarely was I crying alone, I might add! I got to sing in Israel, I got to dance on a boat on the Sea of Galilee. I got baptized in the Jordan River. I walked through dark, dark, tunnels with water dripping on my head, that some Bible character dug over a thousand years ago. I walked up more stairs than I could count. I never had an asthma attack, or allergy attack! But I had a few panic attacks, that I never saw coming! I never had a migraine, my shoulders did not hurt, my body behaved, and I kept up with the crowd. I got to draw, take pictures, take notes, eat marvelous food, most of the time, and drink a lot of delicious coffee! If God ever calls you to go to Israel, don’t question it, just know that He has a good thing planned for you. He is here and He is there. Oh and He’s in Hawaii too!

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