Oregon Antiques

Greg and I and the two little dogs are headed to Oregon for the week.

Greg LOVES Oregon!  He spent his first 10 years there as a little boy, and has LOTS of good memories.

I, on the other hand, love to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there!

Oh, wait, we did live there didn’t we? LOL

Yes, it was a trialing 3 years there on the coast, but I do love to go visit our friends still..quite often! 🙂

This week we are going to stay inland a bit and go antiquing.  Greg is being extra kind and has agreed to go to Aurora, Or.  Lots of antiques.  He’s quite happy to visit a few shops, then sit outside on the bench and relax and watch people.

Sophie loves to shop.  (my little Bichon/Shih ztu.)  She loves the people, loves to sniff whatever I find intriguing.  McGee will probably enjoy the bench more with Greg.  He is a guy after all!

Then my girlfriend, Nancy, and I love to go up the coast to Wheeler to our favorite antique shop.  So we will head to Tillamook for part of our week.  I will relax and Greg will help Craig fall trees on their property.

Then Greg plans to go up the coast to his parents and catch the “big one” up on the jetty near his parents’ place in Longbeach, WA.

Looking for a little more sunshine; hope we find it this week!

Go out and make it a good week!

Elise, Sophie, McGee and Greg!

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