Angels’ Orchestra

Lately I have been having a series of visions.  This is fairly new to me and my spiritual experiences.  But I am so excited and humbled…

This morning as I was praying and praising my words turned into singing “hallelujah” in a high octave.  And it sounded to me like trumpets blowing. 

Then I saw the angels in the Puget Sound blowing their trumpets.  Long shiny brass trumpets.  (brass always represent judgement in the Bible).  They were extended to the east, south, and a few to the north and west. They were located just this side of the Cascades and above the Columbia River.  Calling, blowing for people to come to Jesus and come, come, come.  They called loud and long in high notes.  Then soon the front guard was filled in with more angels behind them.

They were blowing the low notes, “He is coming, He is coming,” over and over. 

Everyone has notes that they can hear better than other notes.  My husband cannot hear high notes, or sounds.  My dad couldn’t either; it’s from years of working around equipment that has high pitches.

So God being so smart, uses the low notes for those that can’t hear the high notes.

God knows, He hears, He cares.  His angels are joining forces to bring light to the PNW. 

As us Christians join in praying for our area, He is faithful and will bring many to repentance and salvation.

I saw dark ink over the land, and the angels were breaking through the darkness, as I prayed.

I prayed forgiveness over different homes, including my own.

Break through the darkness.

People will worship the Creator of the PNW not the creation.

I am excited, but not without trial…

The angels also sang “He is faithful” over and over and over…

dark ink, spilling over the area,God can penetrate it and shine His light if we pray…

If you are interested in this, I can share more of my visions, just let me know…

Have a sweet day in Jesus,


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