Valuable Hugs

 I don’t know the stats; I’m not a numbers girl…

but, I know the human being needs contact with other human beings.  I know we all need physical touch every day.  It releases chemicals in our brains that encourage, motivate and bring life into us.

Many of us go for days without meaningful touches from anyone.  We weren’t raised in a “touchy” family or it’s not our “love language.”

Then there’s people like me, that love to touch and be touched.  It brings such comfort and warmth and life to my soul.  When I hug someone, I’m trying to convey to them that I value them.

As a person who has chronic, clinical depression, I tend to push people away when depressed.  It’s a side effect of depression – to push people away and isolate yourself.  Believe me, it only makes the depression worse! 

My husband is very patient.  I’ve tried to explain to him over the years, that when I’m the most unlovable is when I need a hug the most!

Thinking of everyone…I think that’s true for them too.  Often they don’t know it; but they need a hug.  The untouchables, unlovelies – need a hug.

I’m trying every day to be a credit to my kind.  God made me in His image.  So with His help, medication, therapy and loving people in my life, I’m going to try to be more huggable today!

Go out and give someone a hug today – they might even live under your own roof!

Just a little hug – it doesn’t have to be a full – out in-your-face intimate hug…

but at least make it two arms!  One arm hugs don’t count people!



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