Restorative Sleep

I’m always glad when the cats come to visit at the computer…I can’t  see a thing because they love to sit in front of the monitor!!!

Anyway onto the topic!!

“I was in the basement.  It was dark.  They locked me in and I couldn’t find my way out!

Despair set in

Apathy – I don’t care

Then – sleep…..

sweet, dreamless sleep; no stressful dreams



mind and body and spirit.”

I don’t get it, but God does.  Why a medication can make such a difference and why I need it – I won’t argue with anyone.

I want complete health.  But maybe I need to redefine that for myself.  And accept myself.  I accepted my weight years ago and became content -accepting my physical limitations as I age is one more step –

step to where?

Some kind of maturity – that I’m not excited about (smile)

I have to decide why I want to go on with my life and the purposes for me on this earth.

See, the things and people I want aren’t there for me, so I must turn and look elsewhere –

It’s a desert out there

It’s a mountain hike

It’s a sea of waves

Then my Saviour reminds me …
“He leads me beside the still waters and makes me to lie down.”

Okay,  Jesus, one more time we’ll go – until next time!

I’ll go

I’ll practice what I preach!  yuck!!! lol

Have a fun day…do something new even if it’s sewing on a button!


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