Internet Hug!

Some people serve you by doing things for you.

They think they know what you want or need, so they do it without asking.

That is awesome.

Sometimes what we need from those people is face to face time.

A meaningful conversation, where you feel heard.

A deep sigh, feet stretched out, ankles crossed and a last cup of coffee in their hands; with no where else to but there with you.

Serving can be very inactive.  Like that; actively listening or actively sitting in silence together.  Enjoying each others’ company.  Sensing that the other person highly respects you – and it’s an honor, benefit, a place of rest to sit with you.

Are there examples of this in the Bible?

Job’s friends,(Old Testament), were good friends sitting quietly beside him in his frief and dispair.

Then they decided to put their two cents worth in – and failed as friends from that point on.

Jesus gave us great examples of serving.  Although they were very active moments.  He had little time on earth and knew it.  but somehow each person that He spent time with serving knew He was totally involved with tem at that time.

He took time when the lady with the bleeding touched His robe.

He stopped.

The lady at the well that everyone else was too good for; He took time, He knew everything about her, but listened, he served her in listening.

He love her by listening.

Serving is a plate of food.

Serving is a free haircut.

Serving is a load of firewood.

But serving is also…stopping, sitting, kicking your heels back for 10 – 20minutes and acting like you really care –

Matthew 25:34-40

Serve by loving today

I am challenged by my own words; I’ll try.

Have a better day today because you served someone!

Sincerely, Elise Aug 14,2010

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One thought on “Internet Hug!

  1. Thanks for serving me through your blog!

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