Harvesting Hydrangeas

Tis the season to harvest…hydrangeas for me!

Ever tried to dry them?

It’s a turkey shoot – you win some you lose some.

Take a blossom that’s very mature, feel it to see if it’s a little on the dry side. If it is, it’s the perfect candidate! Cut the stem back to about 2/3rds the total length. (Later cut it to the length to fit your vase.) Strip all the leaves except maybe the top two closet to the blossom. You can run your fingers down the stems fairly easily. I take clean quart/wide mouth jars, put an inch of water in, 5-6 stems per jar. Leave them be!

About half or more will happily dry for you as the water evaporates. I love lining them up on my mantle. As a few wilt, I remove them.

My husband, Greg, is the real gardener; vegetables. We have zucchini and peas, peppers and potatoes coming on strong. It has not been a good year for our tomatoes. They are slowly coming on, but none ripe yet. We are very sad. Not much pico- de cao!

Whether its flowers or vegetables; enjoy God’s bounty of what He has provided for us.

Blessings, Elise

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2 thoughts on “Harvesting Hydrangeas

  1. Karen

    Good job! Love you!

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