Sea of Tiberias

We were at the top of Mt Carmel. Went upstairs on to the roof. The panoramic view was of the Valley of Armeggeddon, where the final battle of all mankind will take place one day when our Lord returns to set up His earthly kingdom. There was a German tour group singing in harmony. The voices bouncing off the stone walls was beautiful. Soon they were singing “Blessed Assurance” in English! I walked across the rooftop, stood facing them, and joined them in the second verse. Soon I heard other voices behind me, in a foreign language join in harmony. We all sang together! Spectacular! The group behind me were from South Korea. God You are so good!

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Ta to Natalie


In German you say “ta” as a greeting. It incorporates hello and goodbye in one short word. See you again soon. She moved to California last week. I was making this art journal page; she said that that would make a great greeting card….so I had everyone at her goodbye party write a note to her then I bound them inside!
That’s really a picture of me (ha) symbolically!

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Ya to Natalie!


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Before I leave town….

My nerves are frayed. My bags are packed. No excuses, I’m going! All my meds are ordered and put in their bottles. Ugh…. I always have a hard time leaving the house. At one point a few years ago I was near being housebound because of my fears. I fought it. God has helped me overcome so much! I have my CPAP ( non snoring machine) as a trusty traveling companion. Ugh…. I have packed all that nurse Elise and others might possibly need:). Did I tell you guys, I get home on the 21st and Greg and I leave on the 23rd for an all expense paid trip to Hawaii? Almost a cruel joke. Really looking forward unwinding on the Hawaiian beaches and poolside with my sweet husband. All of this is too much for me to absorb. God loves me and is giving me some real tangible blessings. I am so grateful. Dear ones gave me a verse today. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength,”

I’ll be singing and humming that song/verse for the next few weeks! Thanks for going with me through the internet! Blessings to you all,

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First art Quilt

First art Quilt

Hand printed fabric and vintage jewelry from grandma Shaw

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Natalie and Patches

two of my favs! She does great self portraits! I’m lousy at it!Patches and Natalie
Patches is a nuisance but I love him!

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My First Quilt

This the first quilt that I have ever completed, only a month late for my sister’s Birthday! This is my interpretation of my daughter’s pattern Modern Maze out of her book Modern Basics.

This quilt is special to me because it is for my sister and from my daughter’s book… also, just the fact that I did it! I learned finally how to complete a quilt. Maybe now I can finish some of those other ones.

This is my first entry into the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival!

My first quilt!

Both sides

Flannel backing

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God’s Handwriting

Recently  at a ladies’ meeting a friend had a brief vision.  She laughed because it was so odd and she had no idea what it meant.  This is what she shared…

“I saw a hand, I think it was God’s.  He had a pen in His hand; He finished writing, and laid  His pen down.”

I immediately had the interpretation and chuckled at God’s ways.  He would use me so quickly and in a tiny way.

God said, “I have finished writing your life story.  I know it from beginning to end. I’ve known it before the foundations of the earth were established, before you were in your mother’s womb.  That which I have started in you,  I will complete.”

That’s it friends!  Take comfort, assurance, encouragement. He knows all about yesterday and tomorrow.  If only I could leave it in His hands and rest in today, and let tomorrow take care of itself!

May you know the Lord’s sweetness toward you today and always!


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Oregon Antiques

Greg and I and the two little dogs are headed to Oregon for the week.

Greg LOVES Oregon!  He spent his first 10 years there as a little boy, and has LOTS of good memories.

I, on the other hand, love to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there!

Oh, wait, we did live there didn’t we? LOL

Yes, it was a trialing 3 years there on the coast, but I do love to go visit our friends still..quite often! :)

This week we are going to stay inland a bit and go antiquing.  Greg is being extra kind and has agreed to go to Aurora, Or.  Lots of antiques.  He’s quite happy to visit a few shops, then sit outside on the bench and relax and watch people.

Sophie loves to shop.  (my little Bichon/Shih ztu.)  She loves the people, loves to sniff whatever I find intriguing.  McGee will probably enjoy the bench more with Greg.  He is a guy after all!

Then my girlfriend, Nancy, and I love to go up the coast to Wheeler to our favorite antique shop.  So we will head to Tillamook for part of our week.  I will relax and Greg will help Craig fall trees on their property.

Then Greg plans to go up the coast to his parents and catch the “big one” up on the jetty near his parents’ place in Longbeach, WA.

Looking for a little more sunshine; hope we find it this week!

Go out and make it a good week!

Elise, Sophie, McGee and Greg!

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Angels’ Orchestra

Lately I have been having a series of visions.  This is fairly new to me and my spiritual experiences.  But I am so excited and humbled…

This morning as I was praying and praising my words turned into singing “hallelujah” in a high octave.  And it sounded to me like trumpets blowing. 

Then I saw the angels in the Puget Sound blowing their trumpets.  Long shiny brass trumpets.  (brass always represent judgement in the Bible).  They were extended to the east, south, and a few to the north and west. They were located just this side of the Cascades and above the Columbia River.  Calling, blowing for people to come to Jesus and come, come, come.  They called loud and long in high notes.  Then soon the front guard was filled in with more angels behind them.

They were blowing the low notes, “He is coming, He is coming,” over and over. 

Everyone has notes that they can hear better than other notes.  My husband cannot hear high notes, or sounds.  My dad couldn’t either; it’s from years of working around equipment that has high pitches.

So God being so smart, uses the low notes for those that can’t hear the high notes.

God knows, He hears, He cares.  His angels are joining forces to bring light to the PNW. 

As us Christians join in praying for our area, He is faithful and will bring many to repentance and salvation.

I saw dark ink over the land, and the angels were breaking through the darkness, as I prayed.

I prayed forgiveness over different homes, including my own.

Break through the darkness.

People will worship the Creator of the PNW not the creation.

I am excited, but not without trial…

The angels also sang “He is faithful” over and over and over…

dark ink, spilling over the area,God can penetrate it and shine His light if we pray…

If you are interested in this, I can share more of my visions, just let me know…

Have a sweet day in Jesus,


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